Jack Lawrence

Strange Death in Venice on Amazon Kindle.

Soon after my appointment to the position, I built an impressive villa in Spain, on the Costa Brava coast near Barcelona… I live on a rocky shore in Costa Brava, which, in principle, was not a bad thing in itself. But I could not say that the water near Barcelona was not as clear and besides, it was slightly cooler.

I had lived in Spain enough to learn the Spanish language quite well.

Spaniards had records of two tickets in the last two years for parking violations and one more dated three years before for speeding.

I frequently travelled. For affairs related to my work at the Trust and apparently just for fun. I did not have close friends, only few acquaintances, all were my neighbours. Together we occasionally played cards, attended – my girlfriends and me and they with their wives – the theatre or concerts. I enjoyed good singing. I owned a large expensive yacht that he often took out to sea. I sailed along the Spanish coast, to Majorca, or a bit further to the coasts of France. The yacht was usually docked at the yacht club not far from my – villa.

I must admit, I love hunting. For instance, underwater squid hunting in the bays of Costa Brava, one of which is located right across from my villa. This was my passion and I have to admit that I am quite good at it. The search for criminals was in some respects similar to hunting. That was why I felt quite at ease experiencing temporary setbacks in the search. I am not troubled by frequent flights, or sudden changes of circumstances, nor, at times, difficult conversations with people. Each is created for something. I was created for this.


Read Strange Death in Venice on Amazon Kindle.


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